Singing. . .and the best missionary day every.

Hey everybody how is it going!! i am doing really great and have had a lot of fun this past week.

Dude. . .its like I own the place!

Ok to start, last monday me and my comp got up and ran what seemed like 8 miles… maybe it was a little bit less. i´m not really sure. But it was a whole lot. We went out to work and went with a super cool member named Martin Sander. He went with us to a lesson. We taught a young couple named natali and gabriel who live super close to us. He is nineteen years old and she is 25 and they have two kids together. they are super nice, but arent married and he doesnt want to get married… on tuesday we had a Family home evening with a family we are working with. with the Solana (the mom) and the kids, ezequiel and kelly. ezequiel is going to get baptized this saturday!! and he asked me to baptize him. He is super excited, he went out and bouhgt a bag to put his book of mormon and hymn book in.  In the FHE that we played with them we played a game called sixty seconds to win. it is  a tv show in the states i´m pretty sure. We also ate torta de fiambre… it was a pretty good time. i put a couple of pics on it of it.. they are the ones with bubbles… i´ll send pics of the baptism next week..

friends with bubbles

Wednesday was one of the best days that i´ve had as a missionary so far! We started out in the morning knocking doors with plans of singing to people. we were super scared to sing and just about everydoor we knocked we couldnt sing cuz it wasnt the right person.. then we knocked on this one door and we asked if we could come in and sing them a song… they invited us in and it turned out to be an olds folks home so we sang to them acouple of songs and  then the owner of the home came out and started talking to us.

He just wishes he was as cool as me!

 we shared the message of the restauration with all of them, he was listening super closely. they loved us and after that gave us lunch.. it was pretty cool.   then later that day we were looking for this guys house that we talked to that seemed pretty interested. we went to his address and saw this little kid playing soccer, we asked if he knew the person we were looking for and he said it was his dad.. He invited us into the house, the dad wasnt home at the time but the rest of the family was… we taught the mom the grandma and two kids, we sang for them and shared a message about Jesus Christ and the true meaning of christmass…. they absolutely loved us and they told us to make sure we came back.  we went back on saturday and it was super awesome! the whole family was there and it was even kinda of wierd because of how much the dad wanted to make sure that everyone understood perfectly the  whole lesson… after they gave us torta de fiambre and these chicken things…. needless to say is that they are golden!! it was a super great blessing that we recieved..

thinking about swimming

not swimming!!!!

But I might get wet!!!!!

On Friday night we played soccer. It was super fun and i scored a bunch of goals…. when it was basicly over and everyone had to go. they said last goal wins… a little while later i was standing about thirty yards away from the goal.. the ball flewin the air towards me…. i bounced it off my chest and kicked it out of the air and it flew like a rocket toward the goal!! we won. hahaha it was super fun.

We make being missionaries look good!!!!!!

Sunday was pretty good. we went to sacrament meeting and a woman asked us if we could to a musical number with her… we sang silent night… After the meeting i felt like a backstreet boy! everyone was telling us how good we are hahaa… we are going to sing in the nativity play of the ward this friday night now! that night we went to a couple of member and talked about how Jesus loves us so much that he gave his life for us. We asked the members what we could give back to Jesus.. we shared with them DnC 18.. where it says the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.. We fixed an appointment to come back with some of their friends… It was a pretty good week..

In an elevator! Why not have fun with the other missionaries and take pictures!!!!!

Keep me updated on everything! let me know how sports are going and also school….If brooklynn has a bf yet or no.. How is dad liking his new calling.. If link and ike are played football or no…

I also want to know about my christmas presants!! lol jk.. but i was wonderingif anyone is going to write my article forthe Liahona??

I love you guys so much!

Love Elder Levi Savage Pace


About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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