Because God Loves Us

Cool Pics toward the bottom of the letter. . . .But keep reading!!!!

      Hey everyone i hope everything is going good. Let me start off you week by telling you how are investigators are going..

      Eliane is a friend of an hermana that is serving a mission here in uruguay, she is really nice but is really content with her church, so we were talking to her and she understands authority and everything but she thinks that her chruch has authority, we explaind the book of mormon and everything and she promised to read it..

     their was a point in the lesson when she said it wasnt right that if a missionarys family got sick, that the misinonry couldnt call or go home to make sure their ok…….. i told her how before i went on my mission dad was talking to me and told me if he died he wants me to stay here. I told her that i would stay because i know that i´ll be able to see my family again and what i do as a missionary gives others that same hope that i have and i wouldnt give that up for anything.. she felt the spirit really strong and have a lesson coming up this week.

      Sonia is a recent baptism and was really sad because she had to watch her grandkids and couldnt go to church cuz the kids dad doesnt like the church.. i told her to say a pray and ask our heavenly father what to do and to wait and listen and an answer would come because our father loves us and wants the best for us.. and when she got the answer, write it down and do it!!! …… she came to church the next Sunday with a huge smile on her face thanking me and inviting me over to her house the next night to tell me what she did!! Haha i was so happy for her.

      So Saturday night we called to double check for lunch the next day and the members were out of town so we didnt have food and there was no food i n the house. … the next morning a family called and asked if we had food and i told them honestly no so they invited us over and gave us food, then we went to visit milsa and luisiana who are two investigators and we had a lesson and in the end they gave us a type of cookie that they sell here. .. lol i really felt the love of the Lord for us and all the missionaries…

All the missionaries at the bowling alley, on p dayMe looking victorious because. . . .So this change just ended, my corto plazo is going home and i am getting my new comp, he is brand new i have to go to presidents house to pick him up tomorrow morning! Lol i remember when i came to urugay and didnt know anything and now i´m training… i´ll let you know more next Monday,This guy was my comp for about 2 weeks while I waited for a new one 🙂

Yesteraday i went and shot around with this team for about 45 minutes, my shot was pretty good, but idk i have to wait till next pday to play with em i´m pretty excited. And i´ll let you know how it goes. .. .

I know my ankle doesn't look like much, butIm playing some pretty good B-ball on it. So it must be ok!

 Ok dad if you want to see where i live it is on the street defensa crossing with nueva palmira, and i go to church on the corner of goes and joaquin and requenna..

Now you can all imagine me walking around in this picture!!!

I love y ou all so much keep me in touch and let me know how everything is going with brigham and nate in his sports. Love Elder Levi Pace


About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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