And my ankle is. . . .

Hey everyone how is it going? I think that brigham looks like a stud, especially in his green stroller or whatever it is… So do you want to hear something funny, Brigham and Taylor are the Names of my comps two older brothers! I´m am so excited for you guys and really do expect lots of pics and emails. i need a really good picture to put in my photo album that i show the members and people i teach of our family!

So other day me and elder stevens were playing basketball with two kids off the streets the said they had both been playing since they were five but they were no match for us!!! hahaaha… we were beating them like 20-8 when i drove past my guy and went up for the layup and then stepped on my ankle wrong (i was wearing my church clothes and shoes).. I heard a crack and was sure it was broken because the only time i was ever experienced that was when i shattered my collerbone in three places.. It hurt super super bad, and my whole mission life just flashed before my eyes, I wondered if i would have to go home, if i would be able to come back and things like that.. Then the thought came to my head ask my comp for a blessing it would be the only way for me to stay on my mission… so he gave me a blessing and then i sat on the side while he looked for someone to borrow a cell phone to call a taxi. He brought this man to me and said teach him, so i started teaching and he kept looking, after about twenty minutes of talking to this man he had decided he wanted to accept God into his life and told us we could come by later that week. my comp came back and apparently no one had a cell phone, so i wanted to test my weight on it and it hurt bur it would support my weight so i hobbled home six blocks. My ankle was super swollen but two days later i was walking fine.

So i just have one question! who is writing my liahona article!! hahaha por favor!!

My comp goes home on thursday, I will be getting a new comp this week someone from urugay because my comp is going home three weeks early to start school, so the new elders havent got in yet so i get a member for a couple of weeks, i am super excited because corto plazos are always people who really want to be there and are studs..

I have a really great opportunity to help this ward out alot because it is likely i will be here for the next 6-7 months and í´m going up to senior comp when my corto plazo gets here. the ward has only 60 members but has the potential to have over 100. before it did and the ward is so young there are over 10 returned missionaries that are married under the age of 30… The problem is they dont really feel the desires to help out the mission work in their young married lived.. I have plans to work very strongly with the members and with the bishop to help them remember their mission lives and the ganas that they had then and try to helps them.. I will let you know how everything is going.

Today in Jew town (barrio de los judios) i bought a power balance bracelet for 35 pesos. which is about 2 dollars. in the states i am pretty sure they cost about 30 dollars. i thought that might be a good christmas present for everyone but you have to let me know if you guys want something like that, or a shirt or a  maté or, necklace or alfajores or any other type of thing. (i havent seen a bull whip here) but i will send it for christmas…

I love all you so much thank you for all the emails this past week… tell rob to send an email to and put my name in the subject

Love Elder Levi Pace



About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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