Lots of new pics

Hey not a whole lot to say this week besides what i´ve already said to dad… I am going to Montevideo again this time in the zone oeste! We had a noche do hogar with the Mendez family last night and they said they want their picture on the blog!!! hahaha. they are the one with the blond mom. and the skinny dad…. I´m super pumped to go to montevideo again but also i´m very sad to leave paysandu. These people are so good and will be sad to leave them…. i still have to pack everything lol i have so much! so i cant write a whole lot today. but  i´ll write a really good letter next week. let me know whats up with everything. send pics if jess has her baby! love you guys..

Me putting my name tag on my Uruguay Jersey. Gotta support the country on prep day, when I'm not wearing a suit and tie!

In this next pic, im petting a Cappyberra.  The world’s largest rodent.  He’s my bud.  Im bringing him home!
I can’t even tell all you guys at home how much I miss all of you.  I think of you all the time.  I also want you to know I really love these families here.  A ton.
I’ve been here 8 months now.  I haven’t played basketball in 6 months.  You guys all know what that does to me.  But I never want to come home.  And every second is worth it.
Every single person in the world can be happier when they let Jesus Christ a little more into their lives.  Its worth everthing.

A beautiful good night from Uruguay 🙂


About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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