Soccer Party in the Streets of Uruguay!!!

Hey everyone, this past week in paysandu was pretty good, the work is going pretty slow right now but we have a couple of really good investigators. The theam seems to be who needs marrariage when you can just live together. haha just about all of our investigators have this problem… One woman accepted and invitation to be baptized if she found out that the church was true, but shes not married either.. We are working on that lol… I dont know if you guys have any idea whats going on in the sports world but all of south america does, Uruguay just won the Copa America,

Waaaaayyyy big dress! Seriously!

which is the championship of all the south american soccer teams.. There was a huge celebration three blocks away from our house!

When there's a giant soccer fiesta outside your house you go outside! Wearing your Uruguay Jersey!!!

everyone in paysandu went to this one street and just drove up and down honking their horns and screaming uruguay no mas!!! Uruguay beat Paraguay 3-0….

I don't even KNOW what kind of car this is! but I think the stripes are painters tape!!! Who Knew they had that in Uruguay. And they don't have peanut butter??? Go figure!!!

It is a pretty big deal. Dad whats up, hows basketball going, my comp saw a pic of you at avantis and said you looked super skinny, lol it was pretty cool to see the best pizza place in the world once again..

lol and it was wierd to see those missionaries they look so young. lol… did you talk to the coaches from svu for long? what did they say? have you kept in touch with anyone else from ub or anything like that.. I am doing the p90x and its pretty intense, iam also running every tuesday and saturday morning with my comp, i am weiging in at 218 right now… sometims i just start thinking about basketball and it really stinks, i havent played in about 6 months. but i do ball handling drills three mornings a week now… In this shopping center in paysandu they sell samuri swords for 300 pesos, they are pretty cheap, its like 15 bucks lol.. i was thinking about getting one and sending it home. haha keep me updated about everything. love you a lot. Mom, hey whats going on i made pancakes this morning but they were gross lol. they were 100% white flour and the whole time i made them i was thinking man! I wish i had some real pancakes right now! haha. How is Jessica doing? when is she going to have her baby? does she want you to be there with her or not. how is stuart? thanks for sending the package, watch the other one you sent will show up tomorrow… haha. Jess. Hey let me know whats up with your baby, what are you going to name it. Let me know all the cool facts about how much it weighs and everything! Brook, hey whats up i cant believe your going to college so soon. I didnt recieve any letters from anyone its ok lol i´m used to not getting letters.. Make sure You play hard to get in college, and remember your hard to get is too easy, haha play double hard to get. dont accept rides from boys, just say its ok you can walk. dont let them pay for anything untill they have gone way to far to pay for it. tell them your not interested in marraige and you want to learn.. haha even though i was the one that said you should just go hang out on campus until someone proposes without going to school. haha, it would save money and still get the job done.. Nate whats up little brother.. whats going on have you started playing golf yet? let me know what your shooting and stuff, wright me and tell me about efy. Link. Hey bro how is it going.. tell me your favorite game to play at jessicas house! Make sure you drink lots of milk and work out. Ike . Hey keep doing situps and pushups you want to stay strong dont you? how did you like that frog that i sent you in the mail?


About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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