Giant Playing Soccer!!!!

Hey everyone! Sorry i didnt write a whole lot last week. But this week i think i have a lot to say to  make up for it but we´ll see..

So this week we knocked a looootttt of doors lol.. But in the end it payed off we found a super awesome woman named Sandra who is really interested in what we had to say. She has 4 kids and is a baby sitter for a living, she loves kids which is what makes it even better becuase our whole message is about the family!!  After the lesson  we all knelt  to say a prayer. With three adults and 4 kids in a tiny one room house it was a Little bit cramped but it was really nice. I did magic for all the kids and they loved it. We have a nother lesson with them this week so i´ll let you know how it goes..

Last Wednesday we had a lesson with marcos so we waited to pick him up from school to walk him home and teach him. I bougt a peanut butter bar and a liter of milk while we were waiting, as soon as i finished my food i saw  marcos´s older brother playing soccer so i went over to play with him for a Little bit. These two other kids challenged us to a game 2 on 2. So obviously we couldnt back down.. lol it was super fun i had a couple of goals but pretty son the milk and peanutbutter bar got to me. I was feeling sick as a dog. So we walked over to marcos´s house and had a lesson, i was feeling sick the whole way but after we got done i felt better… Marcos is 9 years old and his mom and brother are already members but he isnt. We helped them reactivate in the church.. Marcos has a problema with focusing so we bought  candy to help him focus.. (lol mom maybe that will help you in seminary)  haha anyway with the help of the candy we learned that marcos is a genius. He learned the 5 steps to the góspel of Jesus Christ. The Word of wisdon and the ten commandments.. hahaha he has them all memorized perfectly!

If Levi served salad in Uruguay, it would probably look like this!!!

Anyway that same night  we went to a family home evening with a family. We were playing the card game uno (lol no one in uruguay has ever Heard of it go figure) and a fríend of one of the daughters came in and said “hey your that giant that was playing soccer next to the school today in a shirt and tie!” lol it was pretty funny. I think i make a good name for the missionaries here in Paysandú. …

Levi the giant, playing soccer. . .


Anyway we found today we found this Little place to eat that was super cheap and you sat in a Little room right above the kitchen. The food was super good, the only down side is all the smoke rises and you eyes burn the whole time!! Haha i am deffinately going there again!

        Anyway i just got some quesions for the family… lol i was wondering what happened to all of my stuff? Whats going on with my room, all my clothes.. whats going on with my cupboard above the fridge, (by the way i claim all rights to that when i get home!!!)

LOL i checked my personal account the other  day and was pleased to find some Money on it!!! Haah i already speant $150 hahaha… dont worry it was on a microwave for the house. Microwaves are completely re imbursable i´ll get al that Money back next week. That should last me for the rest of my misión….. unless i go crazy WHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!! 

       Last but not least mom if you know what happend to my workout folder.. i kept track of my workout progresss on it if you could just put it in my roo mor something.. that would be awesome!! 

       I love all you guys alot!!! KEEP ME FILLED IN let me know when my letter for Lincoln and  Ike gets there i sent them a surprise!

Love  Elder Levi Savage Pace


About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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