The New Magician!!!!

      Hey Everyone how is it going? I hope that you guys are having fun in Good old Medina without me.  

       So I have found a new calling on the mission! I have become a magician lol I developed about ten coin tricks that I do, the little kids love it and it really shows the parents that I am a fun person. I also found a really old big Uruguayan coin so it is a lot of fun.

Yes! This looks just like me!

      So The other day I was on divisions with elder Derek Baughn  a zone leader From N. Carolina (he wants to know what part your from mom.) and we found this young guy who was pretty cool about 20 years old. The lesson was going amazing and I asked him what he thought God wanted for him in his life. He thought for a second and said “God wants me to be happy” It was so spiritual I told him that was true and we went on to teach an awesome lesson about the book of mormon. Elder baughn and I both agreed that that was an amazing lesson!            

            So me and elder Lloyd went this morning to walk throught the feria where they sell a bunch of cheap clothes, it all says nike and none of it is really made by nike lol. I ended up buying a super sweet cristiano ronaldo jersey for ten bucks. I think I have gotton a lot bigger on the mission. Not really fat but just muscle wise. I weigh about 225 and still have a six pack. I don’t know maybe it is just with age. But I have been working out really hard everynight. I am going to buy some weights down here from the zone leader elder wade (whose dad was just called as a seventy this past gen conference) He wants me to buy them for 2000 pesos but they are pretty nice and working out with weights would make me really happy…

and this ALSO looks just like me!!!!!

      There are two types of people in this world, those who say they can, and those that say they cant. They are both right.

     Ha This is so true, there are a lot of missionaries out here who say that somethings are impossible for example finding someone to teach during the ciesta, and the missionaries that say it is impossible are absolutely right, but the missionaries that look for someone to teach find them. This is true with everything in life.

      Dad, hey this past week I was thinking about all of my sports things that you always went to. Thanks that was super fun, especially some of the track meets when we would just hang out in the middle of the events sometimes. That is really cool about the buffalo news and everything. But honestly i´m not interested in medina and Shelby center joining, i´m interested in hearing about you throw down! Lol!!!!!

What I expect from you buy the time I get home.

      Mom, sounds like seminary is going good, Remember the importance that bribing plays in  teaching! Lol . We celebrate pday eve every week and we usually do that by cooking something. So I you want to be awesome send me the recipe of something really good and I´ll see if I can cook it up. Lol.

     Send me all the ultrasound pics of my new nephew.  And send me all the choices that you are choosing between for the names I deff want my say! I was thinking amalackiah. Lol jk .

     Let me know whats going on in your life I miss you a lot and you are allowed to email me everyday of the week!! Tell stuart I said hi and if he wants a sweet scripture case I can get him one but it costs about twenty bucks and what pictures he wants on them. They put pics into the leather. Take care!! Love you 

     Brook.. Hey how is everything going, I hope good. Write me and tell me everything that is going on in your life. I really love to hear about it. Tell nick i´m sorry I don’t write him more and that I think it is way cool he is going to Denver. I heard a really sweet song you would love its in Spanish but the vocals are amazing. Its called bella y bestia. It means beauty and the beast. And the girl singing in it always gives me the chills. Hope everything is going good. Love you


            Nathan this is your son, why don’t you write me anymore.. write me and tell me how bball went Jv and varsity. How tennis is going. And then what blade is doing. Tell him he better break the record… congrats on being 2 – 0 keep on working hard, and I cant believe you didn’t like my racket, that was the only reason you were winning..

      Lincoln. I want you to do something for me.. have mom take a picture of all the kids standing next to eachother so I can see how tall your all getting!! You looked so tall in the pic mom sent me the other week. I cant wait to talk to you next week! Love you bro

     Ike, whats up dude. I hope that you are being good for mom.. dad told me that you caught a snake for a pet, you should take a pic and send it to me. I haven’t got a letter from you in a while so i´m expecting one soon! Love you lil brother.

                                                                 Love Elder Pace


About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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