Hey how is everyone back home? I am doing really good here is Paysandu, Today for Pday we played soccer and then went through the oldest semitary in Uruguay. It was pretty sweet.

So this past week has been a long one, we knocked a whole lot of doors and didn’t have very much success, but the few lessons that we did have were awesome.

We are teaching a fifteen year old kid right now Who is really funny. He Is a  soccer player for the local team and is actually pretty good. He has a date to be baptized this Saturday.  We  taught him the ten commandments, which he has never even heard of before. And at the end of the lesson he promised that he would live them for the rest of his life.  It is super cool to teach people who are super excited to hear our unique message.

     We found this lady who Is super nice and is receptive to talking to the missionaries , but she doesn’t understand authority, She was a very smart lady so I gave her a history lesson, I told her about Christ passing his Authority the Priesthood to Peter, James, and John through the Laying on of hands. And after the death of Christ the apostles went and tried to uphold the church but is was impossible with so many Roman soldiers wanting to kill them and the church. Eventually all the originally apostles were killed  and Christianity was wiped out and almost forgotten for the next hundred years. Eventually roman emperor Constantine was going to war and the night before war he had a dream of a burning cross, he carried this cross into war and they came out victorious. Seeing this as a way to unite his people he decided to create this church for the people to feel united. This was the start of the catholic religion, eventually there were two popes in the catholic religion, one in Greece the other in Rome. They both ex communitated each other and knew that they couldn´t have an agreement two different churches started. The Roman catholic church, and the Greek orthodox church. And as we all know in 1517 ad Martin Luther A catholic priest at the time saw much faults with the catholic church so he decided to branch off  and form his own church, just like him others also branched off and tried to form their own church according to how they interpreted the bible and what they thought was the way Jesus Christ would have wanted. These Men were inspired and paved the way for the early pilgrams to go to the early USA to search religious freedom in the only land in the world where a man was free to worship as he pleased.

                In the Year 1820  There were much revival movements in the new England area of the United states. Many different Priests  Giving sermons about God and the Bible, each Pastor trying to convince the people that the way they interpreted the bible was correct. In this time in palmyra NY, a boy Joseph Simth  and  his family would frequently attend these revival meetings. His family was drawn apart into separate faiths. Joseph truly wanted to know for himself which was the right religion for him to join.

Joseph Smith decided to Pray and ask the Father himself. We  taught this woman that the Exact church that Jesus Christ established in Jerusalem has been restored today through this man Joseph Smith.  It has been restored with the authority of Jesus Christ and through this authority can people be baptized.   The Bible says by your fruits ye shall know them. The fruit of Joseph Smith is the Book of Mormon.   

                I don’t know if she is going to change her life, I really hope she does but I do know that we gave her the message that makes millions of people happy today. It has made me more happy than anything else in my life. I wish everyone could talk to the missionaries and hear this message and decide for themselves if its true or not. 

     To the Family… It was fun talking to you guys yesterday (for mother’s day.) keep sending me updates on how everyone is doing especially nate in his tennis, brook in track, jess´s baby, and when dad dunks!


About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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