Happy Easter

Levi and Daniel - one of the people he's teaching.

Levi and his companion, Elder Lloyd from Utah

Hey everyone how has everything been going. We just got done celebrating Pascua (easter) here in Uruguay.  So i´ll tell you what we did to celebrate. .. Saturday night we went to a new members house to visit for the last twenty minutes of the day before we had to take the bus home.   There happened to be her visiting teacher over at the same time. So we both took turns sharing our message and i´ll tell you what it was..  I Read parts out of the last two books of John where Christ appears to Mary Magdalene and then to peter and the other apostles and the sea shore.. I Emphasized the part when Peter finds out that it is the Lord that  He just Jumps into the Sea!!  Then told that that one day Christ will appear to us and i asked what are we going to do?

Then the other member told a story and i´ll relate it as best as i can.. (and its translated so it may not be as good.)

There was a town that was all White, everything was White. The trees  the flowers, and the animals, everything was White. And in this town there was a school where a boy liked a girl. This boy liked this girl very very much, and the school dance was coming up, this boy didnt want to ask anyone but the girl. So one day he finally got enough courage to go ask the girl to dance, when he did she said she would go with him but only if he could bring her a Red Rose..  “a Red rose!” the boy said, thats imposible!!  So he determined to do it. The next morning he got up and went out to look for a Red Rose , he searched for hours and hours but couldnt find one. Suddenly he was in the middle of a feild a rose bush and on it was one Red rose. He ran as fast as he can and picked it. He held it carefully  as he walked back to his house.. On his way his friends called him to play soccer, “no” he said i have to take this Red rose to the girl so i can go to the dance with her.. But his freinds were persistent. Finally the boy decided to play, so he threw the Red rose on the ground, to go  play with his friends.  And he forgot about the Red Rose. He forgot about what he really wanted most.

 We can compare this to our own lives because we all know what we really want more than anything else.. We want to  live the gospel perfectly and return to live with our family´s forever. And we´ve been blessed to know the truth, to be born into a family who already has the truth, a family who already has this “red rose” We have to be careful that we allways keep whats truly important close to our hearts..

anyway Today we (our whole zone) went out to an all you can eat breakfast place that costs 80 pesos or 4 buck.. its a super good deal lol i think that we are going to drive them out of business because they are not used to how much gringos eat!! lol Latinos eat almost nothing for breakfast and then a huge lunch and then a decent sized dinner.. after the breakfast we went to play futbol for about two hours then we went to print off at the cybur then we played dodgeball for another hour and a half, then we went out for lunch. i just bought a litro de leche for 15 pesos.. and now 

we´re here.  writing letters. 

The other day in personal study i  studied alma chapter 32, and i ended up writing a talk because of it.. i´ll do my best to recount what i wrote..

 Alma tells us in alma chapter 32 that when we feel something good, we can know that it is true because of the spirit, and most of us have already gained this basic testimony, most of us have already felt this good feeling that can be compared to a seed planted in our hearts. The question is what are you going to do once you have this seed? Alma tells us that if we dont nourish it and streangthen it that when the sun comes around the seed will burn up and die. You might ask how can i nourish this seed,  It would help to start out by thanking God for this testimony that he has given you, but what is the best way to say thank you? Ask any mother.. what means more saying thank you for a meal or cleaning off the dishes becase you are so greatful for all that she has done for you? This example in life is and always will be true. That is that actions speak louder than words. So you might ask how can i repay God for all that he has done for me? we learn in mosiah that when you are in the service of you fellow beings you are only in the service of you God. And what better way to serve you fellow beings than how God has allready called you to do. By magnifying our church callings we can show God our love for him. If you dont know what to do to magnify your callings ask! God loves us and wants to help us anyway that he can! If any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God and it shall be given him! He will let us know through thoughts and  ideas. Just yesterday i was wondering how i can help excite my companion to work hard his last few months, I got on my knees and asked God and almost immediately an answer came. Ask, he will answer. (i want to thank bro dalba for always magnifying his callings! you have always set a good example for me and i wouldnt be the same person without you!!!)

      Now that you know how to thank God for your testimony that you have recieved it is time to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.. To often i have seen people have a spiritual manifestation and in the same week forget about it. We see a prime example of this in the scriptures. Laman and lemuel actually saw and angel and because they didnt do anything about their testimonies they were lost.. When we recieve our testimonys we cant just be still, we have to move. For me one thing  decided to do when i gained my testimony was to become a missionary,  not just a full time missionary but one to my friends. Open your eyes,  look, there are people ready all around, the field is white all ready to harvest, it is scripture it is true. Give references to the missionaries they will love you forever! invite friends to listen to the missionaries at your house (brooklynn is the best example of all time of this!!)  In this past conference we learned that to be a member missionary always be an example of someone who has taken upon them the way of Christ, and if you have to open your mouth.. People notice everything, and everything that you do they will associate with the church. To become a true desciple of Jesus Christ you must learn to love Him and the Commandment that he has given us. as we will do this people will notice a different and when you know its the right time open you mouth. 

        Another way to nourish the seed is to study the scriptures, we believe in revelation, i promise that God is willing and waiting to give us personal revelation in our lives,  how many people ask for signs and messages from God when he has already given us three thousand pages of scripture. Read the scriptures, read a chapter and a verse and then take a pen and wright down your thoughts and feeling and just see the way that God Speaks to you. As you do this your testimony will grow and be strengthened. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Me gustaria escribir un poco en español a hora. Ustedes pueden copiar y pegar en un sita de traducion. Jaja no sé por que yo quiero hacerlo pero voy a hablar un poco acerca de nuestra nueva investigadore. Se llama Diego. El tiene 18 años y era un referecnia de su mama. Tuvimos un charla con el no mas y el dijo que quiere bautizarse!! Y tambien su hermanito quiere escucharnos. este es my tercer cambio y todovia no tengo ningun bautismo. pero esta bien. para mi, no es rey importante para tener numeros grandes, es un buenaco sentimiento ver en los ojos de una persona y testificar que Jesus vive. ya se que voy a tener bautismos y me gustaría tener algunos pero la verdad esta bien. Bueno les Quiero Mucho, les hablaré luego.

Love you guys alot! 

Elder Levi Pace


About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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