My Famous Sister

Hey how is everything going. Things are awesome in uruguay. I have been spending most of my pdays with elder aaron ellsworth, he is a pretty cool kid from arizona. His spanish is super legit. Me and elder Millan live with the Zone leaders so on pdays we usually split up for the day.. today we went to cerro to play soccer with the other zone, cerro is a really dangerous area and there are a lot of latino missionaries there cuz i guess that if white kids go there they have more of a chance to get robbed… elder leiva the other zone leader says  i´ll probably go there because i´m huge and someone would be crazy to try to rob me…. lol..

We just had interviews with the president and he said that I would probably be with elder millan for this transfer and thats it. I´m super thankful that i could have a latino comp cuz my spanish got so much better but i would like a break to be able to speak in english for a couple of weeks. It is super wierd the more i learn spanish the more I think about english and ways that we speak that is so different than the way they do.. 

So I was thinking something that would be super cool would be if you could send me the talks from general conference how juneho always does them. That would be awesome, because i have a cd player and something that is nice for comp study is to listen to talks. But the only talks i have is let virtue garnish thy thoughts and way to be by gordon b hinckly.. they are both super good. Lol but i would love to get the new conf on cd too…. i am thinking conference will be amazing, wow is it just me or does it seem like the end of the world is just getting closer… first the stunami in japan and the war between france and libia lol. Idk

going to General Conference in Salt Lake City

Watching General Conference in Medina New York?


So two weeks ago in church i had to give a fifteen minute talk.. i Gave it all on the last chapter of John and also alma ch.29. i credit it all to dad cuz i used his idea to talk about in his last email. It went super good.. lol i guess as long as i´m in this ward i´ll be giving a talk every 2nd Sunday of each month! Lol people dont understand that as missinaries we do not have time to write talks.. haha i guess this is just preparing me for the rest of my life when i show up to sacrament meeting and the bishop calls my name and i have nothing prepared haha! Jk.

Probably looks a lot like this!!! Sounds like hes going to be VERY good at public speaking by the time he gets home 🙂

Hey so i think i got jumpers knee so if in the next email you want to look at strecthes or remedies for that disease lol.  

So I found out that Jessica Durrant is Famous in Uruguay and Argentina!!! They are haveing the first ever efy down here in south america and i was in the chappel and i saw the poster for efy but i didnt think anything of it.. then i started looking at the pics and i realized that one of the pics was jessica! Lol i sent it… let me know if the pics are getting trough or not..But i thought that was really cool. Lol i told everyone around that that was my sister haha im not sure if they belived me.. it was the one of her and mike singing the prayer.

        Ok i´m just about out of time i love you guys so much and i miss you guys but i´m have super fun out here.. You are all in my prayers and i expect news from everyone keep me updated on the baby.. nicks mission call… nates tennis, brooks track. Blade breaking the record for lax and dad dunking!! Lol 

This in no way refers to any real person that either Levi or I either know or don't know.

Love you guys

Elder Levi Pace




About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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