Tons of Watermelon

Dear Dad (and everyone)             (Written as a letter Feb. 20, 2011)

       How is everything back home?  Things are great down here in Uruguay.  My companion has one week left and we are working super hard.  I think he is wearing out though from dieting, excercise x2 a day and running around DEO (short for Motevideo.) talking with all our investigators.  We had 11 people in church this past Sunday.  Elder Brough said he has never had that many.  Andrea with her 5 kids, 3 are getting baptized later, but she has a baptism date for the 26th of March.  That will be my first.  Francisco, he’s a 56 year old man, his wife is a recent member and since we’ve been teaching them, they haven’t missed a Sunday.  His heart is getting softer every day.  Two 12-14 year old kids, Manuel and Brian.  Both are really cool.  We also had this Brazillian Family, the kid is super cool and he plays soccer really well for a 12 year old.  and a less active family that we reactivated brought a friend.

      Our ward mission leader is pretty crazy.  My comp (companion) doesn’t like him one bit.  Any time someone says something doctrinally he has to correct them.  He always has to be the center of attention.  One time we were joking around with him and he thought it would be funny to pull a gun on my companion!  Right in middle of church!  LOL!   We had our weekly ward mission meeting with the ward mission leader and the 1st councelor.  The ward mission leader got there early and set up the chairs so he would be the head of the meeting.    He had his chair behind a table, and then three others in front of the table.  I was laughing so hard.  And as soon as the 1st councelor got there, HE added another table and sat in back of THAT table with the ward mission leader.  The ward mission leader was sooooo bummed.

     Anyway, other than that I got new shoes cuz I already had holes in both of mine.  The Assistent, Elder Maos is in my district so I talked to him, and his Grandparents are coming out to serve a mission here, so they got some Eccos for me and now I owe them $160.00  US.  LOL.  Good thing I brought a whole paycheck down here with me.  tell Stuart he was right when he said to get them.  They lasted my comp his whole mission, and his other shoes lasted 3 weeks.  About the same as mine.

Not actually a pic of my shoes. But you get the idea!

     I live on the corner of General Flores & Corrales  and I love it.  We live above a Carneceria which sells pretty good meat for whatever we want.  There is a fruit stand called K’olores that sells sandia (watermelon) for 3 pesos a kilo.  I’ve ate so much sandia. 

Could anything be more delicious? Or cheaper???? Makes it taste even better!!!!!

 LOL.  Every night I buy 2 liters of leche. (milk)  the leche comes in 1 liter bag and it is only good for 3 days but it is SOOOOO good! 

Milk in a Bag 🙂

Last night I caved and bought Oreos.  lol!  The leche is 13 pesos & Oreos were 24 for about 12 cookies.  But I’m pretty good at spending money wisely si I can pretty much buy whatever I want.  Whenever cuz 90% of my meals are white rice, cinniman, sugar and milk. – I just got done with p-day I’m about to go to the cybus to write you guys.  I took a pic with the Ashes of Jose Artigas, the room is so awesome.  You should read his story, it is pretty cool.  He was a great general. 

     We played basketball & soccer today.  My soccer gets better all the time.  and I was dunking pretty good.  I can score at will it is fun, but a little too easy.. . .

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. . . .Basketball!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I will be back!)

You should’ve said HI to Pres Jensen for me.  I met him in the airport in Texas going to Argentina.  He helped me find where I was supposed to go.  Also you should’ve talked to Elder Scott about Uruguay.  He served here.

     Tell everyone Hi for me.  Especially the young men.  Bro Dalba, Blade & Dave and Nick.  Tell them I love them & miss them and will write it just takes a while I’m so busy. 

      I love this more than anything!  I am having a blast.  I’m sad already cuz its going so fast & I know before I know it it will be over & I want to be able to give all that I am to my Savior.  Thank you.  I wouldn’t be here without you.

(one of levi’s favorite videos for you.  You’ll love it)

         Pasen Saldudas a la familia.  Diga me como andando toda la familia. Voy a escribar ti un otro dia.  Suerte en todo.  Les amo mucho.  (Give my hellos to the family.  Tell me how its going with all the family.  Im going to write you another day.  Good luck in everything.  I love everyone so much) – Elder Pace


About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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One Response to Tons of Watermelon

  1. Brittany Miller says:

    Big Brother Levi (my Jacob), I’m so happy that you’re having such a great time. Miss you tons but I know what you’re doing is worth missing you for, can’t wait to see you again. Lots of hugs ❤ me your little sister

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