Happy While Working

Hey sorry my computer has been really slow today it took like fifteen minutes just to load the internet.. it ok though i´ll let you know what is going on.. first of all were the twins andra´s or lailas cuz you said laila in your letter mom… my companion elder millan was having a really hard time for a while, he got used to not working with his last couple of companions but i told him thats not how it is going to be with me… he was super mad at me for a couple of days and gave me a couple of lectures on how there is two types of missionary work… hard and intelligent. he told me he had the intelligent one down and it included not going out until three or four every day.. I didnt say anything to him but that he was going to remember the last six months of his mission for the rest of his life and he can either be happy while working or sad while working cuz wheather he liked it or not we were going to be working… but now after a couple of days he has got used to all the walking things have gotten a lot better. we is talking a lot more and just seems happier.. My spanish is getting loads better each day.. i can understand a whole lot.
Today for P day i went to the dentist with elder ellsworth cuz he had to get some dental work done. it was not bad we actually met up with some missionaries from the other mission.. after that we went and played basketball for an hour or two.. it was super fun. I dunked a couple of times.. I was just talking to an elder about all the sports stories from medina high and it was soo much fun lol. I think i had dreams about sports the past three nights..
The weather has been pretty good here, It has been about twenty five or thirty degrees.. I heard up in salto and artigas it gets to be forty degrees, i hope i dont go there in the summer lol! But everyone keeps telling me how cold it gets in the winter, i am super excitred to see how cold it gets and compare it with good old medina. lol i have a feeling that it wont be anywhere as bad! hahaha
I´m so sorry i havent written everyone as much as i would like to. I am sooo busy all day and only have time to write really on P day  and it seems like p day only lasts  for a day.. lol.. Thanks Coach valley your letters are apreciated. the Rockwoods too and if you want me to write me back just send me a g mail with your address on it..
Hey mom this is the part where you still get to be my mom!! lol i was thinking a little bit.. i would really love it it you ordered me a protein shake online and had it sent to me…. if you cant remember how to find it or what just ask dave or blade they can probably help you out..
I have already worn a hole in my pair of shoes.. It is ok though because I knew the assistent elder mayes and his grandparents were coming out and he had them buy me a pair of eccos. luckily i cashed that last check and brought it with me cuz eccos are pricey lol.. stuart you were right. lol i should have got them right away.. lol.. hey..
So we have a baptism this saturday coming up, It is Rodrigo he is fifteen years old. and super cool.. he is super excited to be baptized he said he went to all the churches before and didnt like any of them. lol.. I´ll take pics and let you know how it goies.. lol love all you guys. I mis you a lot.. Nick write me before you leave!!!! and let me know were too asap!
Love Elder Levi Pace

About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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