Dos Metros!!

Hey How is everyone doing, this past week in Uruguay was a lot of fun but our investigador Andrea said she needs a little more time and doesnt feel like she is ready to  be baptized. But the good thing is that she got an answer and knows it it true.. It is just sad that my
companion wont be around to get to see it..

So we planned out this huge activity for us to get a bunch of
references where we would have a small meeting with three recent
converts baring their testimony and telling how cool the missionaries are and then afterwards we went out and everyone had pizza and hamburgurs.. (lol pizza is very different from western ny)  but it was awesome, just about all of our investigators showed up and my comp and i served everyone like waitors.. anyway

So there is this one street named guellermo Rodriguez and i am more famous than Tom Cruise when i´m on that street.. All the little kids run up to me screaming “dos metros!!” lol it is pretty awesome. And i throw them up in the air. It is actually a very good workout lol everytime we go down that street (which is a lot andrea and francisko our two best investigators live there) i must throw twenty kids up in the air three times each!! Lol  I love it.. i beet boxed for them a couple of times and they think i´m even cooler. One of these times i´m going to do a backflip.. lol

So my companions diet is going very well he is down to 200 lbs and
looking very slim ready to go home next week. Today we ran a whole lot! We got up in the morning and went for about 20 minutes then after we got done playing bball at the stake center we ran back home instead of taking the bus which is about two miles… Last night Is was the weekly holiday P day eve or Peve so we had chicken nuggets, french toast and brownies!! Lol and a lot of milk.. after that i weighed 220,  and after today i weighed 214 lol!  it is so hot and humid we lost a  lot of water weight..

Oh by the way i think i gave you guys the wrong Gmail account, ( or i just havent recieved any cuz i´m not loved) i´m pretty sure it is  This is sent to the offices and printed off once a week and sent from their, it is the fastest and easyiestway to write and anyone can do it not just the family..   and put my name it the subject line

hey i love all you guys, brook you should send me a mp3 cd with all
the church songs i had on my ipod… any way mom my comp wants the recipee for those healthy cookies.. and your hair looked awesome!  i told you it would look awesome grown out.. it makes you look younger too.. oh and i you can send actual photographs of the family portrait  that we took before i left… Jess good luck with your baby and everything!!! lol write your baby bro once and a while!!!


About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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