Las Flores

Hey  so this week in Flores  was pretty good.  We have been working really hard and it has paid off, we had eight people in church this week and we actually had two more  but they are from brazil and are going back up there this month so they didnt count.. lol

Dad – Hey whats going on.  It is super fun down here but it is hard to get letters in so i´m going to do it a little differently this week.
We are so busy  all the time lol they days are just flying by. So my
companion is going home in two weeks and that is really crazy but just by talking about it with him makes me think about what it is going to be like when i go home.. I was thinking it would be awesome if you  came picked me up. I could show you around  we could go to a panaderia and have some biscochos lol. And speak some castillano while we´re at it.. lol idk its a long ways away so i´m not to worried about it..  down here in urugay they sell drinkable yogurt it is amazing lol..  they also sell gofio. I bought some and tried to make it but it turned  out not as good as i remember lol maybe i´m  doing it wrong..  i think the best thing to do is send a package to the mission and they will  forward it to me. I honestly have no idea about my address i´ll figure  it out thought.. ttyl love you  ps both my shoes  have already worn  out but i got a sweet hook up i´ll explain it later lol

MOM – i miss your pancakes lol.. its okay though i am doing well
enough eating oatmeal and rice everymorning. Haha  you have to
maintain the camry check all the fluids every two weeks and act
accordingly lol..  tell ike happy birthday for me and get him
something too lol.
Jess and Stu.. keep pics coming of my little nephew.. im so happy for you guys and love you with all my heart.  Good luck with everything.  I´m praying for you often
Brook – How is the school play i have no idea what it is about or
anything so i hope you did good. Your  going to have to fill me in..
let me know how nick is doing and how he is doing on his papers.. how is everyone else. When you see dave and blade tell them  to write me.   Let me know how everything in track goes this year. If you even do  it… lol for some reason  i have a feeling that you dont want to but i  deff want to advise you to do it.. its your senior year..

Nate how is bball.. how tall are you. You should be working out trying  to get big.. it will help so much in sports. Let me know what you are  going to do in the spring.  I miss you man. Keep reading your  scriptures all the time.  Be a good example for link and ike.

Link and Ike.. i love you guys stay out of trouble.  Ike dont spray
silly string in the chappel lol.. lincoln be nice to your teacher.

Hey everyone i dont have alot of time so i want to bear my testimony…
I Love this Gospel. It has saved my life.. I see how it changes the
lives of people everyday down here.  I know that Jesus Christ Loves us  and knows what we are going through. He wants to help us we just have  to turn to him. I Love him like i love my three little brothers. I know He is our older Brother and will do anything for us.  I say these  things in Jesus name. amen


About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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