Choosing my Soccer Team… and Ostriches!

Hey i´ve been doing really good here in Montevideo! We have been
working super hard to find people to teach because we opened the area
with no information really. So i´ll tell you some of the people we
have been teaching and  how its been.

ANDREA… andrea is a single mom of five and she lives in possible the
smallest place i´ve ever seen. My companion and i have to sit on the
floor when we teach because there is no room for chairs. She works as
a house cleaner for a living but is having a super hard time cuz
people dont have money to pay her because they waste all their money
on christmas. Her kids are awesome and really love us, this past visit
we read third nephi and when she read the part about the savior coming
down she just started crying, she said that she knew it was true.. she
and her three oldest kids have a baptismal date set for the nineteenth
of this month..

Daniel…. daniel is seventy years old and is an atheist. It was
actually an accident that we started teaching him cuz when we passed
his house on the street he was sitting there and he said something
like have a nice day, but i couldnt understand it and started talking
to him. We gave him a book of mormon and he read all the way up to
ether in less than a week!! Lol he still claims to be atheist but you
can tell at times that his heart is softened, but then he remembers he
is atheist and trys to hearden it again.. but he is super cool..

There is this less active member of the church here and she asked us
to paint her house for her this past Saturday, so we went there and it
was pretty fun.. but i got assigned to paint the roof for some reason
lol. Since the roof was made of nothing but tin it was like an oven
and mustve been 115 right next to that roof. Lol i wouldnt recommend
that to anyone

Sure the lizard looks like he's comfortable. But he's a lizard! And not painting!

Ok so ever Sunday night we have a big celebration called Peve and it
is p day eve and we alwase cook something special lol…  last night
we made corn bread and bougt some all natural honey.. it was sooo
good. But i was thingking how awesome it would be to make the cookies
that you make so well mom, so you should send that recipee the guys
will love it.. and you cant get peanut butter down here so if anyone
is ever feeling holy and wants to send me a big thing of peanut butter
(with instructions of peanutbutter candy) that would be cool too.. and
brook if you could email me that quote henry b eyering, thatwould be

The recipe for the awesome peanut butter candy is. . .1/2 cup peanut butter, 1/4 cup honey, 1/2 cup smooth powdered milk (you may have to blend it if its lumpy) Mix PB n honey with spoon. Add pd. Milk and continue to stir till its too mucky. Then squeeze with your hands. Add extra pd milk till its like playdough! Its Awesome!!!!

Ok there is a less active member here that  is a single mom with three
kids.. and of of the kids is eight… parents were divorced. And they
fought for custody of the kid.. the mom won but the dad got some sort
of rights for every other weekend.. one of the weekends the dad
disappears with the kid.. and mom freaks out and soon hears that the
kid died some how, she went down to the morge and saw the blue kid and
knew it was dead..  then one day this kid shows gets dropped off by a
taxi at her house.. it turns out the the dad paid off a doctor to
give the kid a shot and make it seem like he was dead.. it was super
wierd and crazy.

O.K. so the two biggest soccer teams down here are peñarol and
nacional.. peñarol is the yellow and black team i have a picture with
their shield.. any way everyhouse i go to tells me that i need to pick
a team lol.. i think i´m going to go with nacional but i´m not sure
yet. Their colors are red white and blue…

The picture Levi thought he sent. Uh. wasn't attached to his email. Here is a pic of Penarol and Nacional playing each other. Which do you pick?

Ok a couple of cool facts my comp went on a diet and i´m his personal
trainer- diet guide and in one week he lost 8 pounds.. we are hoping
to have him to 190 before he goes home. And the ostrich is native to
uruguay. Lol The huge churh is in our area it is pretty sweet.

I love you guys alot and i miss you but i´m doing awesome! The spanish
is going really well, i am learning new words every day expanding my
vocab.. and i can understand pretty well.

please tell me how everyone is doing i want to hear about each persons
life!! lol

i love you guys a ton!!

Elder Levi savage pace


About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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