Lizards in South America

Congratulations everyone and dad that was a sick joke about mom being pregrant.. lol i annouced it to my whole district! and then five minutes later un announced it hahah..
     So this week has been just about the same as every other one in the CCM. My spanish is coming along very well, im learning new words every day and elder hansen and i are working very hard on our pronuciation.  The other Day President Arnold (president of the south american area) came to the mtc and gave a talk. it was very good, it was re assuring that he gave have of it in english and half in spanish and i could understand the whole thing.. I was even asked to say the closing prayer of the meeting which was pretty cool. The Next Day President George (CCM president) came to our room and pulled me out of class and had me read to him out of preach my gospel.. I read a paragragh or two, he said i read very well and have improved tremendously since i first got here. He Said that i have the potential to speak perfectly, it was a nice reasurrance but i know i need oodles of practice. 
The other week Elder Hansen and I Went to our new area for proselyting it was pretty cool  we ran into the missionaries who were actually serving in that area. one of them was an elder from utah and the other one happened to be a latino named elder tidei. he was a latino that was in the room right across from us in the MTC just a week before. It was pretty cool to see him again and talk… The Utah elder said he had been out for a year and he spoke very good spanish.. That was really reassuring to my Companion cuz he is really worried about the language… I dont really see why he should be but its just his personality, our spanish is about on par with each other. I just know that it will come the more i speak it and the more i study read the L.D.M and pray. 

We may worry about our Spanish, but we TOTALLY make these suits look good!!!!!!

Any way Happy Birthday DAD!!! lol  I cant believe that you are forty five years old. and only 236 lbs. If I were there i probably would have gotten you some cologne or something you would end up giving back to me anyway lol jk. but since im not ill have to send you something cool from uruguay when i get there next week! lol wow i am so excited to get there and meet my trainer..
Dad-your officallly old and i still love you
mom-even though your not pregnant i love you.. i miss any b-fast i want everymorning
Ahhhhh!  French Toast with Vanilla and a hint of cinnamon! But I would totally eat them this way too!!!!!
jess-your presgnant and i love you!!! send me pics and keep stuart in line
Stu- your about to start a family, remember if you build it on christ it cannot fall Hel 5:12… keep halo warm for me till i get home
Brook- you have the lead in the school play, dont let it go to your head.. i love you too
Nate- keep working your hardest to improve physically and spiritually. good luck in everything
Lincoln- remember to to good in school and be ikes best friend all the time. remember to read the scriptures
IKE- I see lizards over here all the time.. if you want i can send one in the next letter. it might be gross when it gets to you
Blade-good luck this next lax season break the record..
Dave- GET BIG enough said.
Dustin- thanks for the letter i just got it today, trust in the lord and he will take care of everyting
Nick- Will you please write me lol. Good luck with your papers.
I love all you guys be good and i put in a letter my scripture i wanted… i forgot but you can do anything you want..
Love Elder Pace



About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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One Response to Lizards in South America

  1. Jim Pace says:

    levi, I have enjoyed reading your reports of “Uruguay goes Savage” for some reaason this is the last message read by me. Have you changed the name of your blogg. If so send me the new name. I am very intrested in following your actions there in Uruguay. Your comments bring back many fond memories. Grandpa Pace.

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