Tons of Protein and Next Thursday They Have a New Argentenian Idol!

Hey i hope everything is going awesome back home, the days here are progressively getting hotter. I am developing a very nice farmer’s tan that i’m sure richard dawson would be proud of. I cant believe that it is only nine days till Christmas! time is just flying here. It is weird to think that it is snowing and freezing in medina ny right now. I decided to take notes this week on interesting stuff so that my limited time this week would be put to better use! LOL so first things first. I think that i told everyone how the food here is really different. and alot of the greengos stomachs are not used to it.. one of the elders in my district said he could not go to the bathroom for 5 days. he says its because of the immense amounts of protein that we get down here… luckily i dont have to worry about there being to much protien cuz my body was just made for that type of  high protien intake!! lol.
The other day my companion elder Hansen got food poisening or something so we went to hermana george the ccm’s presidents wife.. i dont think she heard correctly because she gave him a bag of sawdust and told him to take it with every meal..  He is feeling better now though so that is a good thing. so during proselytismo on saturday elder hansen and i got our first kisses of the mission!!! lol  they all do the kisses where you just touch your cheek and make a kissing sound.. lol and you barely have to know the person to do it which is also wierd.
So a little more info about the food here.. every morning they have dulce de leche out to put on bread and fruit or whatever else you’d like to. it is sooo good. it is kind of like a mix between  caramel and something else… but it definately is wayy good. i wonder why is hasnt caught on in the states? lol. it is the best when they fill donuts or other pastries with it…

It looks kinda like this!

i Got a new chillean roomate who can be described in one word… CRAZY lol.. he has a lot of country pride. the first night he got here he whipped out a chillean flag and was hopping around like a leperchaun screamming CHI CHI CHI!!!! LE LE LE!!!! VIVA CHILE!!! lol.. he taught me the whole cheer and he loves when we do it. it never gets old to him, everytime he jumps around doing some sort of crazy dance lol. \

chilean flag

there is a missionary here who got a concussion one time so now one of his pupils always stays the same size.. lol at night it looks crazy cuz one of his pupils is huge and the other is tiny.. he literally looks like someone off a cartoon. lol..
oh and something kinda cool. president daytons  nephew elder reynolds is serving in the montevideo mission.. it was pretty cool when we figured that out. it dont think he  knows how cool his uncle merril is lol..  any way let me know how everything is up there.. nates basketball season. varsitys bball season. how are blade and dave.. has nick gotten started on his mission papers.  how is brooklynn doing with her school play..,. im sure amazing.. lol. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Write me back. Tell JESSnSTU i expect mail. and and nephew soon..
ps. my pday is on wednesday next week so wright by then. on thursday  we all get to go carroling to the streets of argentina so i will be spreading my beautiful talent with the world lol!!  ps. i wont be  calling on christmas cuz there isnt enough phones in the mtc for all the missionaries.. your just have to wait till mothers day to hear my beautiful voice lol..

About Elder Levi Pace

I am currently serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spend my time teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and serving anyone I can find who needs help. I've waited a long time to do this, and there is nothing on earth I would rather be doing.
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3 Responses to Tons of Protein and Next Thursday They Have a New Argentenian Idol!

  1. Uncle B says:

    Nice to hear you are doing well Elder Pace, this is my first time on here.

    • Aunt Andra says:

      It is very interesting to hear how your mission is going. Funny stuff. I especially the part about the cartoon missionary. It is fun to share with Robby and John – guess after Jason, they will be next in line!

  2. The Pane Family says:

    Hola Levi! We are enjoying the blog. Have fun singing carols and we wish you a blessed Christmas.

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